Important Links in Koderma

We always rely on official government websites to update ourselves about new policies, changes in existing policies, new welfare schemes, new appointments and anything that has a bearing on civic administration of our city or district. Keeping this very thing in mind, we’ve compiled a very comprehensive list of government websites of Jharkhand state as well as Union Government of India. All civic conscious citizens of Koderma District will definitely find below list of important links immensely useful. And being a very comprehensive list, official links of all the important institutions have been incorporated in it.

Government Websites Koderma
(Official website of Koderma)
(Official website of Koderma nagar panchayat)
(Official website of Jharkhand Government)
(Official website of Chief Electoral Officer, Jharkhand)
(Official website of Jhumri Telaiya Municipal Council/Nagar Parishad)
(Official website of Jharkhand Governor)
(Official website of Jharkhand Vigilance Bureau)
(Official Website of Ranchi University)
(Official website of Jharkhand Tribal Development Society)
(Official website of Jharkhand Tourism Department)
(Official website of Jharkhand Electricity Board)

Other Important Links
(Official website of Union Government of India)
(Official website of Prime Minister of India)
(Official website of President of India)
(Official website of Parliament of India)
(Official website of Election Commission of India)
(Official website of National commission for women)
(Official website of Passport Seva Kendra)
(Official website of ministry of rural development)
(Official website of National Commission for minorities)
(Official website of Right to Information Act)
(Official website for online rail reservation)

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