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Healthcare Services in Koderma

Quality of healthcare services in Koderma is at least satisfactory enough to fulfill basic healthcare needs of its people. With adequate presence of public and private hospitals along with wide spread network of chemist shops and coupled with government funded health schemes the basic healthcare needs of people are quite easily fulfilled. However, Koderma has a very minimal presence of modern healthcare services like pathological labs, diagnostic centers and even specialist doctors. Though the state government is taking all initiatives to improve the existing health infrastructure in the region.

Hospitals and Clinics in Koderma

Today Koderma has a pretty good network of hospitals and clinics. Clinics, however, obviously overshadow hospitals when it comes to sheer numbers, a phenomenon that is prevalent all across the world. The number of hospitals though was immensely less many years back, but situation improved with coming up of many private hospitals.

Hospitals in Koderma

Having said this, majority of patients are treated even today in government hospitals. Speaking about government hospitals further, the most important government hospitals is Karma Welfare Hospital (also known as Central hospital). This 150 bed hospital is the biggest hospital of Koderma District. Although it was started for providing medical treatment exclusively to Mica labourers, but general patients are also admitted here. As for private hospitals are concerned, then there are quite a few that have earned enormous trust for their dedicated healthcare services. These are Holy Family Hospital, Jay Prakash Hospital, Hope Hospital, Parvati Clinic and Geeta Clinic.

Karma Hospital
Address: 82, Karma Road, Near Karma High School, Jhumritelaiya – 825409
Phone no: +(91)-6534-227070

Holy Family Hospital
Address: Ranchi Patna Road, Near Durga Mandir, Jhumritelaiya - 825409
Phone no: +(91)-6534-252910

Hope Hospital
Address: Bye Pass Road, St Joseph School, Jhumritelaiya – 825409
Phone no: +(91)-9204477622

Shiv Parvati Clinic
Address: Ranchi Patna Road, BSNL Office, Jhumritelaiya – 825409
Phone no: +(91)-9934336737

Jay Prakash Hospital
Address: Chitragupt Nagar, Ranchi Patna Road, Near Subhash Chowk, Jhumri Telaiya- 825409
Phone no: 8228882222, 7250766045

All these hospitals, however, are mainly located in Koderma and Jhumritelaiya cities, two most developed and urbanized cities of Koderma District. Further more Jharkhand Government has set up Health Sub Centers, Primary Health Centers and Additional Health Sub Centers. These state run health amenities are actually available in all those Indian towns and villages that have no access to hospitals and clinics.

Doctors in Koderma

Today Koderma definitely has more doctors compared to yesteryears. This impressive growth, however, is mainly restricted to general physicians or MBBS doctors. As a result Koderma does not falls short of doctors in times of emergency situations. Apart from citizens of the residents from nearby areas also consult these certified doctors in Koderma. In case of dentsl problem you cam also visit the clinics of dentists located in the city. They all form a necessary part of the health structure of Koderma.

Dr Subodh Singh
Address: Markacho, Koderma – 825318
Phone no: + (91)-9162735138

Dr Shiv Kumar
Address: Koderma Ho, Koderma - 825413
Phone no: + (91)-9430016154

Dr S P Singh
Address: Jainagar, Koderma – 825109
Phone no: +(91)-9472718078

Dr Hazur
Address: Koderma HO, Koderma – 825410
Phone no: not available

Dr Birendra Kumar
Address: Koderma HO, Koderma - 825410
Phone no: not available

Dr. Ahmed Khan
Address: 152, Ranchi Patna Road, Near High Court, Jhumri Telaiya- 825409
Phone no: (06534) 252304

Your Dentist
Address: Block Road, Near Saraswathi Sishu Mandir, Jhumritelaiya - 825409
Phone no: +(91)-9905576586, 9973502051

Chemist Shops in Koderma

Chemist Shops in KodermaIt goes without saying that where there are hospitals and clinics, there is always huge presence of chemist shops. And today Koderma being home to so many hospitals and clinics, the huge presence of chemist shops is but obvious. And while general chemist shops are well spread across the entire district, specialized chemist shops like Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathic medicine shops are also present in quite a few numbers in developed towns like Koderma and Jhumri Teliya.

Kumar Medical Centre
Address: Main Road, Parsabad, Koderma – 825318
Phone no: + (91)-6534-266041, +(91)-9934397748

Khanuja Medical HAL
Address: Station Road, Jhumri Telaiya, Koderma HO, Koderma - 825410
Phone no: +(91)-9434149449

Manoj Medical
Address: Jai Nagar Road, Koderma Ho, Koderma – 825410
Phone no: +(91)-8969374510

Anil Medical
Address: Dr Rajendra Chowk JAI Nagar, Koderma Ho, Koderma – 825410
Phone no: + (91)-9934396824

Pathological labs in Koderma

We don’t even have to put in words the sheer importance of pathological labs and diagnostic centers in today’s healthcare system. But if we’ve to sum up their importance in few words, then all that can be said is that without them doctors simply can’t diagnose many complicated diseases in their patients. They, in other words, are life saving institutions. Koderma as of today doesn’t have too many pathological labs and diagnostic centers. However, few of Koderma’s bigger and recognized hospitals do have their own in house pathological labs and diagnostic centers, which obviously are proving to be boon for patients.

Bhadani Diagnostic Center
Address: Ranchji Patna Road, Saint Joseph School, Jhumritelaiya – 825409
Phone no: +(91)-6534-224035

Thyrocare Aarogyam Centre
Address: Doctor Line, Jhumritelaiya Ho, Jhumritelaiya – 825409
Phone no: +(91)-6534-227454, +(91)-9304793330

From above information’s it can be summed up that Koderma still has a long way to go to bring its healthcare services to world class level. Nevertheless, increase in number of hospitals and chemist shops over the years are symbolic of great improvement that this district has made in healthcare sector. If only the district succeeds in putting in place critical modern healthcare infrastructure like pathological labs, diagnostic centers and even few multi/super specialty hospitals, then district will eventually make big stride to improve its healthcare services. This, however, will need huge amount of investment or Koderma District as a whole must witness higher economic growth for sustained period of time.

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