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Business and Economy of Koderma

Economy of Koderma is largely driven by agriculture followed by mining sector, which happens to be one of the upcoming industries of the region. Other sectors like forest industry, animal husbandry and fishing industry also make due contribution to the economy, while modern sectors like service sector and tourism sector make very minimal contribution to annual economic revenue. Below is complete analysis of each of this sector, about their contribution in terms of employment generation, annual revenue and what importance they hold for district’s economy in coming decades.

Economy of Koderma

Agriculture in Koderma

Agriculture has been the backbone of Koderma economy. People of the region cultivate land for sustaining themselves. Today major population derives livelihood from agriculture. Laterite soil covers the region. Rice, Corn, Arhar Dal, Mung Dal, Kurti Dal, Sargujja Dal, Chana and Wheat are some of the main crops of this region. People in the region aslo grew number of green leafy vegetables that helps in generation of revenue. Forest resources also helps in the sustenance of people of the area.

Industries in Koderma

Mining industry is at the forefront of Koderma industrial sector. Various industrial units across the region are major employment generator. Huge presence of mining industry is obviously owing to the fact that there are humongous mineral reserves in this region. The most prominent mineral being mica is also its biggest export item. Today there are many mining factories across the district. Although over the years most of these existing industries have lessened their focus on mica and started exploring other minerals. Quartz, felspar, tourmaline, moonstones are other minerals found in the region.

Industries in Koderma

Besides mining industry there are also many other industries in operating Koderma . Amongst them agro based industry, wooden based industry and repairing & servicing industry and steel fabrication industry are major ones. They too generate immense employment and revenue for the district. Most of these industries, however, fall in the category of medium and small scale industry. And finally special reference about Jumritilayia Industrial estate, as it is the only prominent industrial estate area in entire Koderma District. Many of district’s small and medium scale factories are located here.

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Service Sector in Koderma

Service sector is another contributor in the economy of Koderma. One can find various banking and financial institutions in this regiom. State goverenment is planning to upgrade this sector to next level so that people can enjoy the benefits. Koderma is located in and around regions that have failed to modernize its economy and therefore service sector never made deep inroads into these regions. These regions include home state Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

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