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About Koderma

Being home to highest reservoir of mica in entire world, Koderma is proudly referred as mica capital of India. And in all likelihood in future this unique mineral will play a very pivotal role in propelling Koderma towards economic prosperity and changing its economic fortunate forever. Below is more detailed information about this region which will help readers to form conclusive opinion about its economy, history, administration, tourism and other many of its important aspects.

About Koderma

History of Koderma

Unfortunately there is not a single recorded document about history of this place. Although certain historical inferences can be made by referring to history of Jharkhand state, but there isn’t any specific reference to or mention of Koderma. Therefore all that is left of Koderma’s history is its modern history, which can be said to have begun in year 1994, when it was eventually bifurcated from Hazaribagh District. An important point to note here is that both Koderma and Hazaribagh Districts were actually part of Bihar state till year 2000. Both these districts separated from Bihar and formally became part of newly formed Jharkhand state only in year 2000. And today, as we all know, Koderma District is one of the 24 districts of Jharkhand.

Geography of Koderma

Koderma has highest reservoir of mica in India which rightfully has become important identity of this place. But there is so much more to Koderma’s natural resources than Micra alone. This region is rich in flora and fauna. Flora of this region is especially very rich, compromising of innumerable beautiful mountains, hillocks, huge forest area, rivers and tributaries. Amongst rivers Barakar River and Sakri River are two rivers that flow through this district. As for region’s fauna is concerned, then one can find many wildlife animals like leopard, bear, hares in the adjoining hilly forest areas of this region. Forest area in fact compromises of whopping 41% of district’s total land area, which is enough to tell us that wildlife of this region is indeed extra ordinarily rich. Read More.....................

Business and Economy in Koderma

Agriculture and mining sectors are two most pivotal sectors contributing in Koderma economy. While as of today agricultural sector is most dominant amongst two, but owing to huge reservoirs of minerals mining sector is most likely to catch up in coming decades. Rice, Corn, Arhar Dal, Mung Dal, Kurti Dal, Sargujja Dal, Chana and Wheet are some of the main crops cultivated here. Other important sectors are animal husbandry and fishing industry. Although these two industries make minimal contribution in terms of employment generation and revenue, but are nonetheless important part of the economy. Read More..........................

Axis Bank
Address: P.O. Kodarma Bazaar, Dist. Koderma, Jharkhand, Pin - 825410
IFSC Code: UTIB0001312
MICR Code: 825211102
Contact: (06534) 252918/ 20 (06534) 252919

Punjab National Bank
Address: P.O. Kodarma, Dist. Koderma, Jharkhand, Pin - 825410
IFSC Code: PUNB0611800
MICR Code: 825024102
Branch Code : 611800

Bank Of Baroda
Address: Jhanda Chowk, Maa Durga Complex, Jhumaritilaiya, Kodarma, Koderma, Jharkhand, Pin - 825409
MICR Code:825012102

Transportation in Koderma

Informations on Koderma

Since Koderma city is district headquarter and also most developed city, all the important transportation services are mainly concentrated in and around it. The most important and critical being Koderma Railway Station, as it single handedly connects Koderma to rest of India. And since the stations is an important junction it doesn’t just connect to merely few important cities but many important cities located far across India. As for local transportations are concerned, then that has been completely monopolized by auto rickshaws. With no city bus and taxi services available anywhere in the district, auto rickshaws are undisputed leader here. Read More.............................

Culture of Koderma

Just like all other districts of Jharkhand, even Koderma has a tribal belt and therefore it also has strong tribal culture. Their unique way of living that is still deeply steeped in century old rituals and customs stands in deep contrast with modern ethos and way of life. And purely because of this today tribal culture is not just cultural USP of Koderma alone but of entire Jharkhand District.

Tourism in Koderma

Tourism in Koderma

Although Koderma is far from being a tourist hotspot, but its few scenic spots are beautiful enough to pleasantly surprise even a seasoned tourist. Tilaiya Dam, Makamaro Hills, Koderma Reserve Forest, Satagwan Petro Falls and Dhwajadhari Hill are some of the must visit tourist destinations of Koderma District. It is clearly evident from name itself that all these famous tourist spots are part of region’s rich flora. And since Koderma’s flora is extra ordinarily rich, these places will surely take you closer to nature and offer you much needed peace. Read More.........................

Koderma at a glance

Country: India
State: Jharkhand
Administrative division: North Chotanagpur division
Headquarters: Koderma
Elevation: 397 m (1,302 ft)
Coordinates: 24.47°N 85.6°E
• Official Hindi, Santali
Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN: 825410
Telephone code: 06534

  • E-mail

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